You can order your skip online by filling in the form below. Once the form is submitted your order will automatically be received. If there is no availability for your preferred dates a member of staff will contact you during business hours to arrange an alternative date. To avoid disappointment please allow up to 2 working days’ notice for your hire. Please note we do not deliver or pick up on Sundays.

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    The skip shall be delivered to the kerb/nature strip. Should the purchaser request delivery beyond the kerb/nature strip, the purchaser agrees to indemnify Capital Waste Skips Pty Ltd against any claims for damages, including any costs associated with enabling the delivery vehicle to leave the site.

    The skip shall not be overfull on collection. It will be level with the top only. The skip will not be taken away if overfull, and extra charges may apply. We DO NOT accept TYRES, MATTRESSES, GREEN LOGS, CHEMICALS, OIL or LIQUIDS. If your skip contains any of these materials extra charges will apply .

    BinCo Skip Bin Pricing List
    Bin Size 2㎥ 3㎥ 4㎥ 6㎥ 9㎥ 10㎥ 12㎥ 15㎥
    Weight Allowance 200kg 400kg 500kg 800kg 1000kg 1200kg 1300kg 1500kg
    Box Trailer Loads 3-4 5-6 8-9 12 16-18 20-21 24 29-30
    Bin Price $190.00 $220.00 $320.00 $420.00 $530.00 $620.00 Contact Office Contact Office
    BinCo Skip Bin Pricing List
    Bin Size Weight Allowance Box Trailer Loads Bin Price
    2㎥ 200kg 3-4 $190.00
    3㎥ 400kg 5-6 $220.00
    4㎥ 500kg 8-9 $320.00
    6㎥ 800kg 12 $420.00
    9㎥ 1000kg 16-18 $530.00
    10㎥ 1200kg 20-21 $620.00
    12㎥ 1300kg 24 Contact Office
    15㎥ 1500kg 29-30 Contact Office